International photojournalism

Can't wait

One of the Gulf's richest countries, with a most troubled recent history. Invaded in 1990 by Saddam Hussein's Iraqi troops, it was literally razed to the ground. Oil wells were burned. A curtain of thick black smoke filled the sky, and for a year the sun did not rise over the country. To date, many more
The forgotten Sertao

It's the other Brazil, the anti-Amazon, the poorest and most arid region in Latin America. The Sertao, the Brazilian outback, is twice the size of England: part sea, part desert and part steppe, where life is hard and poverty is rife in the streets. Half of South America's poorest inhabitants live h more
Masai Training School

"The shuka? It's red, because when you fight you won't see your blood and you won't be afraid". The courageous Masai warrior smiles. The young German manager who has just arrived in the Laikipia plateau, two hundred kilometres north of Nairobi, isn't so amused. This is the location of the new Masai more
Quirimbas Time Machine

Forgotten islands off the northern coast of Mozambique, once flourishing and crowded, the nerve centres of the Swahili kingdom, the province of the Islamic empire, then of the slave trade and the Portuguese colonial administration. Today they're abandoned to themselves, the colonial architecture slo more
Africa International Film Festival

In December, 2009, the ION film festival, an itinerant film festival, landed in Port Harcourt, capital of Nigeria's oil industry. The idea of the festival was to unite the World's three largest film producers: Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood, besides the aim to renew the image of the tormented Ni more
The rubbish-fish boy

Gaza's youngest fisherman picks up his net among waste in the port. His name is Atef, he is 10 years old, a fan of the Barcelona football team and lives in the so-called Beach Camp, the Al-Shati refugee camp north of Gaza City. "There is not much fish off shore and we cannot go out more than 6 miles more
Hunting with Eagles

A legend says that the Kazakh people were created together with the eagles. ' There are also a great number of eagles, all broken to catch wolves, foxes, deer, and wild goats ' writes Marco Polo in his Travels, describing the great hunting expeditions which took place in Cathay. Once diffuse in the more
Full step on the gas

The Caucasian country is desperately attempting to renew its image. The 2012 Eurovision festival, hosted in Baku, the capital, was supposed to present the new look of Azerbaijan to the world, but the international press that converged on the city preferred to highlight the human rights violations by more
United Kingdom
Tough guy race

Twice a year, in the British countryside near Wolverhapton, the most demanding, sadistic and spectacular run on earth takes place. Conceived by an ex British soldier who likes to be called by the nickname "Mr. Mouse", it is in fact a run only partially: two thirds of the course are rather a war trai more
Iboga, Freud's root

A young pregnant woman is being prepared to take for the first time what is considered a drug in most parts of the world, under the supervision of a shaman. It is called iboga, an endemic root in Gabon forests, used to make a strong hallucinogenic infusion, which takes a person through a deep psycho more
Eroica bicycle race

Imagine a bike race where the only adversary is yourself: there is no prize but the satisfaction of having completed it. You are together with another five thousand participants, but in the end you are alone: you and your bIcycle, which, by the rules, must be at least 30 years old. You and the deman more
Living in a caravan

There are people who are residents of the Tremiti Islands but do not have a house there. They are the "homeless tremitesi", forced to live in a caravan or in sheds due to the lack of available housing. The Tremiti Islands are part of the Gargano National Park where building codes are particularly st more
Yes we Kenya

These days Obama is running for governor in Kenya. No, we are not talking about the U.S. president. It's his brother Malik who went into politics, and he is now competing to be elected as governor of Siaya county, a rural and impoverished region in the west of the country, where the brothers' native more
Where democracy is born

The Borana, known as the "morning people", are the largest tribe of the Oromo people and they live in the Great Rift Valley on the eastern banks of the Omo river, between Ethiopia and Kenya. The Borana, nomadic zebu breeders who live in mud huts made of animal dung, are known for their particularly more
United States
New York Renaissance

New York City? Simply being there is exciting. Tom Wolfe is right: being in New York, walking around its districts, visiting this puzzling and hectic post-modern metropolis that never sleeps, is a sensory experience. A quarter of a century ago, in his novel The Bonfire of the Vanities, Wolfe provide more
Genoa, the port's angels

After the tragedy that occurred in May, 2013 in the port of Genoa, one of the busiest in Italy, this is a tribute to the port pilots, who lost two men when the control tower was hit by a maneuvering ship and collapsed, killing nine. In certain areas of the port, the maneuvering spaces are tight and more
International photojournalism