International photojournalism

South East Asia
Kashmir - Sufi, the mystics of Islam

Between India and Pakistan, in the forgotten region of Kashmir, the sufi sect keeps alive some of the most fascinating traditions in the Islamic world, dating back to the Muslim conquer of the region, in 14th century. Before and after prayer, the sufis, devout Muslims, have the habit of reciting end more
Western Sahara
Saharawi, the Wall of Shame

Peoples without land, a State without a nation. And a wall, 2,700 km of sand and stones, which for the past 35 years has kept a territory (Western Sahara) from its people (the Saharawi). This wall of walls is like a jagged scar: four, five, six piles which run parallel to each other in the Sahara De more
North Korea
Inside the utopia

An exceptional reportage from the heart of the impenetrable kingdom of Kim Jong Il, the absolute dictator of the most totalitarian state on the planet. The country has been completely isolated from the rest of the world, anchored to a rigid pseudo-socialist ideal and founded on the most maniacal cul more
South Korea
Yin-Yang Land

A double-sided country: on side A, the modernity of the metropolises, the frenzy of the third millennium, technological development, an obsession for fitness which counterbalances the ever-present junk food with which an ever more westernised society nourishes itself. On side B, the refinement of Co more
The two faces of Milan

Abandoned skyscrapers, incomplete neighborhoods, as well as deserted factories, empty schools, vacant houses and offices, derelict swimming pools and parking lots. Milan is looking forward to Expo 2015 but is ignoring an embarrassing present: almost 1,7 million square metres in the city are occupied more
North Korea
The Cult

Their faces are on the big wall paintings that in a country with no advertising board are the only spots of color in the cities, suspended in a surreal atmosphere where time seems to have been frozen in the 1950s. They are inside the government buildings and on the pins that every North Korean citiz more
Beijing 798

Situated in the northeast Dashanzi area, the 798 Art District is the third most popular destination in Beijing, after the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Since 2002, it has established itself as an artistic hub of international repute. 798 is a bombardment of art, shops and bars, housed in Bauhau more
Mr. President, I'm Italian too

G2 (Generation 2) is the common definition used to identify boys and girls born in Italy from foreign parents, who, according to the Italian government, can't be Italian citizens until they turn 18. The issue is becoming of great interest and involves artists like Amir, a young rapper born in Italy more
Bamboo bikes

"We don't make bikes, we change lives". This is the slogan of Zambikes, a small company created in 2007 in Lusaka by 4 resourceful young men (2 from Zambia and 2 from the USA). After assembling iron bicycles imported from Taiwan for a couple of years, they realized that being creative was not enough more
A history of stones

The millenniums of Jordanian history speak to us through the stones: the biblical, water-eroded valleys which saw the passage of Moses during his wanderings towards the Promised Land, the necropolises of the Nabateans, the Roman propylaea, the castles of the Crusaders. Wherever you are, in the Middl more
Along the historical routes

There's no time for dreaming in Ethiopia. You just carry on, in the name of God. In Bahir Dar, the march begins at dawn, when the light blesses the street that leads from the villages to the city and St George is already surrounded by figures wrapped with pure white veils. In the North of the countr more
Saudi Arabia
Ancient cities

Even though oil wealth has changed the face of this nation, where Islam began its quest to conquer the world, Saudi Arabia has remained tied to its most ancient traditions, found in a population of Bedouins born and raised in the desert. Its territory is marked by vast deserts of sand, such as the n more
Bird's eye views

The majority of military pilots flying for Isaf, the International coalition operating in Afghanistan, never had the chance to see the country up close, nor to meet its people. "I've been here six months" says a U.S. CH-47 helicopter pilot "and I've never looked an Afghan in the eye." For them, and more
Eco adventures

The most peaceful and restrained of all middle eastern countries is at a marketing crossroads. Should it just be famous for its beautiful Queen, Dead Sea salts and the popular city of Petra, or should it carve out a new eco-chic market for the expanding community of globe-trotting travellers? In ter more
Forgetting Chad

After years of civil wars, the most neglected French colony in Africa is seeking a way to start again. It's not easy: Chad suffers infantile malnutrition, it is stricken by drought and desertification and it is invaded by hundreds of thousands refugees from Central Africa and Sudan. The internationa more
Western Sahara
Lost Saharawi
A dying nation

Mohammed Abdelaziz, President of the SADR - Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic -, died on May 31 2016, after a long sickness. He devoted his full life to the struggle for the freedom of his people, who mostly are still living in 4 refugee camps in Southern Algeria. We have met him some time ago during more
International photojournalism