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Western Sahara
A marathon in the Sahara

The odyssey of the Saharawi peoples dates back to 1976, when Spain moved out of Western Sahara and Morocco occupied it, bombing the local populations. As they wait for a twenty-year-old referendum to take place, the situation is so surreal and stagnant that it's almost impossible to see a way out. T more
Not quite Russia, not quite Europe

Like a human in search of an identity, Kiev hangs suspended in a limbo halfway between its Soviet heritage and vague European ambitions. Capital city of a nation with a troubled political life, from the Orange revolution to the incarceration of former prime minister Julija Tymoshenko, birthplace of more
Evros, gate and wall of Europe

The new gate to Europe is called Evros, a border area between Turkey and Greece and a river, which every year about 55.000 illegal immigrants from all over the world cross. Algerians, Afghans, Kurds, Nepalis and even Dominicans escaping from their own countries, often from civil war. Despite the acc more
French Polynesia
Searching for paradise

In a 1872 novel, Pierre Loti wrote:"Working is an unknown word in Oceania and for the Tahitian people, the years go by in idleness". These words attracted painter Paul Gaugin's curiosity. With no money and a true yearning for leaving France, one day he came across a leaflet that he found in Paris: more
Thai Child Boxing

Thai boxing, or Muay Thai is not stranger to controversy. It's a rough sport that can make Western boxing look like a gentlemen' s hobby. Muay Thai fighters employ punches, kicks, knee and elbows strikes that can incapacitate the opponents. But what is even more controversial is that underage childr more
United States
The Catacombs of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a mermaid that enchants you with its lights but it is also a living hell for desperate people. Homeless people – whose number raised as a result of the economic crisis- that Sin City prefers not to see, forcing them to live in underground tunnels originally designed as gutters. Catacomb more
Lisbon, an artistic garage

Lisbon is becoming one of the most popular cities for young graffiti artists with wide spaces dedicated to these artists where they can express their creativity. Facades of abandoned buildings are literally covered by huge graffiti. However, graffiti writers have recently painted a space unusual eve more
Sundarbans - The Hungry Tide

The Sundarbans is the country of The Hungry Tide, as described in Indian writer Amitav Ghosh's acclaimed novel of the same name. This is an area between India and Bangladesh (Bengal), where the Ganges forms the largest delta in the world. It is a region of mangrove forests, islands that appear and d more
In a stone tower

The tower is their home, their life, often their world, in which they seclude themselves, in voluntary isolation from the rest of the planet. The sea is their companion. Sometimes a dog, or a cat. They talk to the rain, the wind and the swell. Some drink, some drink too much, some are abstemious. So more
New Zealand
The women in black

The Black Ferns are thirty-two women that make New Zealand's national rugby team, the female equivalent of the famous All Blacks. Composed by athletes who are often bulky, heavily muscled, very tattooed and, according to their male counterparts, pretty mean on the field, the team is, as much as the more
The Palestinian-Israeli water war

Control over water resources is one of the most fierce and pivotal reasons of conflict between Israel and Palestine. Both for Palestine and Israel the present one has been the worst year since decades. Lake Tiberias is at its lowest level. The Israel water authority fears that - at this rate - the p more
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi - Arabian miracle

Before the discovery of oil in the 1970's, Abu Dhabi was a modest fishing village surrounded by the desert dunes. After a little more than 40 years, the emirate boasts one of the most modern cities in the Arabian peninsula, and most of all the highest percentage of public green, obtained by the desa more
Democratic Republic of Congo
Cops and Robbers

The prison of Bukavu, capital of the province of southern Kivu, suffers from the same disease of many other African prisons: overcrowding, horrific hygienic conditions, absence of food (if not provided by the prisoner's families). To make matters in Bukavu even stranger, is the warders' living condi more
African Sea

The botry sail between the tortuous Madagascan coasts and the sandy landing-places of Nosy Be. Groups of men and women unload bunches of bananas, chickens, and all kinds of merchandise. It's market day in Hell Ville. Three hours, with a favourable wind, are needed to reach the nearest port of Grand more
Western Sahara
Women on the front line

The Sahrawi are a totally Arab, Sunni Muslim peoples. However, their way of practising religion is more lax with respect to other populations. Perhaps because it has a more 'feminine' contour. The camp organisation is mainly down to the women such as Nuena, who fled from Western Sahara in 1976, unde more
Choquequirao. New Machu Picchu?

After a three days hike, Choquequirao can be sighted on top of the mountain, preceded by steep terracing: tens of balconies which spring up here and there, and one immediately understands that the archaeological site is still covered by jungle for the most part. Since the 90s, about 30 percent of th more
International photojournalism