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Midsummer nights

Latvia was the last European country to be Christianized, in the XIII century by Teutonians Knights, the famous warrior monks who traveled to Palestine during the Crusades. This late conversion is probably the main reason why nowadays the old Latvian religion, based on natural deities, is still deep more
A waterless paradise

"Drought in Ethiopia is worse than a military coup". This is what Sando Santilli admits as he jumps on his car heading to Sora, in Southern Ethiopia. Sandro - an Italian-born from a family based in Addis Ababa for 3 generations - designs and produces filtering systems to make pond and muddy river wa more
Buenos Aires. Faith for fun

Tierra Santa is a theme park not far from downtown Buenos Aires. A family favorite, it is unique in the world: its' theme is faith. For 30 pesos, you get to live a comprehensive experience that includes assisting to the Creation, witnessing the Apostles sharing the Last Supper with the Messiah, pray more
Rome, the fountain of desires

As for every huge, renowned city, Rome has its own ritual: throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain grants the visitor to come back to the eternal city. Where all these coins end up eventually? Who collect and use them? Every morning, short after dawn, 4 employees from AMA (the company in charge of t more
Arctic ice

The expedition 'Graal II' has been organized by the French speleological association Spele'Ice, created and lead by speleologist Serge Aviotte at his 14th expedition on the Greenland glaciers. The explored area is approximately 80 km north of Ilulissat, on the eastern coast of Greenland, on the 70th more
A Dangerous Mission

For decades, in the southern Philippines' province of Mindanao, Catholic missionaries have been taking the sides of tribal people, helping them to preserve the rights on their ancestral lands, on which agricultural and mining corporations have been trying to set foot to exploit their resources. Afte more
Lisbon Graffiti

Lisbon is becoming one of the most popular cities for young graffiti writers with wide spaces dedicated to these artists where they can express their creativity. Tourists and Lisbon residents who take the Gloria funicular, connecting the lower part of the city to Bairro Alto, pass by the Galeria de more
African Cape Canaveral

The African Cape Canaveral? It's in Malindi, Kenya, a few degrees south of the Equator, amongst sandy white beaches and coconut palms. Here, in the Sixties, the first European satellites were launched into orbit and for more than twenty years, Italy continued launching rockets into space. Then the E more
Southern Sudan
Arrow Boys

In the Southern area of Southern Sudan, the Western Equatoria region, villages bordering with Democratic Republic of the Congo and Central African Republic are often attacked by the rebels of Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). In the remotest villages frightened inhabitants are leaving their homes to fin more
Cape Verde
Santo Antao tropics

The Cape Verde archipelago has undergone amazing tourism development over the last 5 years, especially on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista. Tourist resorts, European charter flights and impressive real-estate investments are radically changing the way of life, the economy and the appearance of these more
The art of being a sea gypsy

In the Andaman Sea, on the border between Thailand and Myanmar, live the last seven thousand sea gypsies. Once upon a time they were a completely nomadic people, but progress is swiftly pushing them towards a sedentary life. The two countries in whose territorial waters they live and fish refuse to more
Flying over the West Coast

A coast to coast amongst the clouds and Australian skies. That is, from Perth to Darwin on board a small, private airplane, to discover the wonders of the western coast of Australia from up high, thanks to an aeronautical adventure of five thousand kilometres. A flying safari which starts off in the more
The Love Republic

The two Hedonism resorts are situated in Jamaica. They allow all guests to wander around completely naked and have sexual encounters more or less where and when they feel like. Single guys, girls and couples seeking new thrills may enjoy a free independent Love Republic where almost everything is pe more

A tiny country squeezed between the mountains and the sea. The ex-Jugoslavia years, and a political heritage difficult to wipe away. The years of economic sanctions and commercial embargo. The state's bankruptcy. The long and ill-fated alliance with Serbia. Finally, in 2006, the declaration of indep more
Aeronautical adventures

Venezuela is a world of water, clouds, grassy plains, ancient rock and explosive scenery. It reveals a wonderful nature made up of deserts, meandering rivers, powerful deltas, rainforests, coral islands, geological feats and an extraordinary humanity. From north to south, one passes from the wild co more
Little Miao go to school

Schooling in China is almost free, but in remote areas like the Great Miao Mountains, in the southern Guanxi Province, also the little expenses known as "miscellaneous fees" are enough to keep thousands of children out of school. A few of them are able to get a basic education thanks to the program more
International photojournalism