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The monks of Camaldoli

The Camaldolese order turns 1000. It was the Benedictine monk San Romualdo to make it in the attempt of harmonizing the Western monastic tradition with the Eastern one and, ever since then, the Camaldolese monks have been developing a unique Christian experience, marked by a useful interaction betwe more
The island of memory

An ancient Paleolithic site, the island of Favignana hosted many people over the centuries. In 1874 the island was bought by the Florio family who reinforced here the so-called tonnara, an Arab tuna-fishing tecnique. The mattanza (the result of the tonnara) and the use of caves of calcarenites - a more
Sri Lanka
Back to life

Three years after the defeat of the Tamil Tigers militia (LTTE, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), North Sri Lanka is finally coming back to life, trying to leave the nightmare of 30 years of civil war, almost 100.000 casualties and 400.000 refugees behind. The policy of "national reconciliation" is more
I love Mary

"God does not exist, but Mary is His mother" wrote George Santayana. From Europe to the Far East, from Africa to America and the Muslim world, here is the stunningly cross-sectional image of the Virgin, on altars, printed on fabrics sold in African markets, on souvenir stalls, on monuments, on the w more
People in the Wild

In recent years urban population has overcome the rural one. Despite this tendency seems irreversible, a large number of people keeps stubbornly living in wild lands where a delicate balance of cohabitation between man and nature has been created. This is a very fragile balance, often resulting in t more
Nana Benz, an African epopee

They started off from nothing in the Fifties and became amongst the richest in their homeland, Togo. They're the Nana Benz, the women who sell traditional African fabrics. Particularly the sought-after "wax" which is printed in Holland. They've made a fortune, they've travelled the world over, becom more
Lake Orta, restoration masters

The Mater Ecclesiae is an abbey of cloistered Benedictine nuns located on San Giulio Island, on the Lake Orta. Originally, only six nuns from Viboldone abbey went to live there in 1973. Their prioress was Anna Maria Canopi, author of several books on spirituality and widely considered as the most pr more
Young Africans are growing up

"Africans have become sedentary. We spend our days in the car or in the office, we eat fast-food and our children put on weight watching television". Professor Vincent Onywera from Kenyatta University in Nairobi is studying a problem that is becoming dramatic: escalating obesity, particularly among more
Footballing Africa

Soccer in Africa isn't just about sport and leisure. It also represents a different perspective for your own future. Media are all focused on African soccer stars, whose success and popularity are often bigger than those of political leaders. Following these dreams of glory, millions of youngsters r more
Malindi United

There is a piece of land, a stone's throw from one of the most popular touristic paradise, where children dream to become Messi or Ronaldo. Kicking a ball in Africa is a luxury that not every 6 years old child can afford. For the western people Malindi is a sort of dream full of beaches, large hotel more
In the rice triangle

The European China is located between Lombardy and Piedmont and is a perfect network of ditches, streams and small canals ten thousand kilometres long. A unique hydraulic system in continental Europe waters 235,000 hectares of fields which produce most of European rice. During spring, the "rice tria more
Misplaced paradise
An oasis (almost) untouched by 30 years of war

The Soviet tanks are still scattered among the hills of paradise. They have been there for the past 30 years, since the last Soviet soldier left Afghanistan, and they'll probably be for a long time. Band-e-Amir is a mountainous region 170 km west of Kabul and about 50 km west of the Bamyan valley, w more
Swimming over troubled waters

Camp Shorabak is a forward operating base of the Afghan National Army in the south-west of the country, in a hostile area where fire exchanges with the Taliban insurgents and IED attacks along the roads are business as usual. In summer, the temperature hits 60 degrees celsius, the landscape is deser more
The princess of the Andes

Vicuna's wool is the fiber of the rich. It is worn by the wealthiest men on earth, the only ones who can afford a coat worth thirty thousand dollar. Five centuries ago, there was only one man in the world who had the right to wear it: it was the Inca king, the ruler of the immense Andean empire. The more
Southern Sudan
Christians in Southern Sudan

An Arab and Islamic society in the north of the country, a black and Christian one in the south: with this simplistic scheme the Sudanese civil war used to be described abroad. Reality, however, is much more complex and rich in nuances, although during the civil war - from 1982 to 2005 - the Catholi more
Happy magic water

Beijing Olympic aquatic centre, known as the Water Cube, where superstar Michael Phelps won eight gold medals, has recently re-opened as Asia's largest indoor water park and is pulling in new crowds. Only those, of course, who can afford the very expensive tickets starting at 200 yuan for adults and more
International photojournalism