International photojournalism

Liquid Africa

The periodic overflow of the Niger, which runs from southwest to northeast through the whole of Mali, for several months each year transforms the entire region into an unreachable water world. Unique graphic elements and colour tones flow between Bamako, Mopti and Timbuctoo, along the internal delta more
The warm heart of AIDS

"The warm heart of Africa" says the brochure. Yet Malawi is also one of the poorest countries in the world and has been associated for 20 years with the worst acronym of the new millennium, AIDS. During the British protectorate there were two hospitals in the capital, Lilongwe, one for the whites an more
Quebec, artic safari

An extraordinary journey with Huskies along the frozen mouth of the Saint Lawrence River, amongst six metres of snow, woods, timber refuges, ice hotels and subpolar surroundings. A race through the forests north of Quebec City, around the village of Saint David de Falardeau, not far from Lake Saint- more
The King of the Rains

At 5,109 meters, the Rwenzori is the third highest mountain in Africa, but forms part of the most complex and intricate African mountain chain. It has six different peaks, each with its own glacier, which represent an enormous fresh water reserve, also able to nourish the Nile basin as Ptolemy asser more
Superstars, the next Formula One

"The overtaking, door bashing, extreme cornering, ten cars in less than a second. And those close-call finishes which aren't seen in Formula One any more". With these words, the manager, Vincenzo Lamaro, sums up the appeal of Superstars, the car race which is winning more and more fans from around t more
China Ski

Want to enjoy skiing in China? First rid yourself of notions that you're heading to France's Chamonix or Italy's Cortina d'Ampezzo. You aren't. The resorts that have proliferated around Beijing, targeting the capital's growing middle class, have very slow lifts, poor equipment and icy slopes, usuall more
Scilla, swordfish blues

Scilla, Calabria. From May to November, in front of the Messina strait, sail the last 16 "passerelle" in the world: fishing boats specially equipped for catching swordfish. Actually, as the locals like to say, "hunting swordfish". The boats have a 22-meter sight pole and a 30-meter bridge (the "pass more
The lost Eden

Gabon has two main resources, wood and oil. The Gabonese are rich, probably the richest in Africa in proportion. With the independence from France and the arrival of the large extraction and cutting companies, the economy of the country quickly changed. Great flows of hard currency invaded the coffe more
Gaza daily life

"They want to turn us into victims. But after the bombings I rebuild, clean and put things back in place. Because I don't want to be a victim. I want life to go on in Gaza, always". Maamon Khozendar, 56, entrepreneur, is the symbol of a wealthy Gaza which doesn't believe in suffering. A Gaza which d more
Falcons against the mob

Naples, the city with the highest level of criminal activity in Italy, counts seventy homicides, four thousand armed robberies, mostly with tourists as victims, and thousands of thefts a year. In order to combat the criminal elements, who are often secreted in the intricate lanes which don't allow v more
Hierapolis, the Roman spa

Straddled between the Anatolian and Mediterranean worlds, Hierapolis "the Holy" was a sight to behold with its marble temples and white travertine flows resembling waterfalls of snow. They are actually formed by the outflow of warm water which is rich in calcium carbonate. Because here, in the centr more
Wings over Africa

Nearly 10,000 km across the whole Africa, from the Cape of Good Hope to the Mediterranean Sea onboard of two Cessna 210. A stunning adventure across 10 countries, 2 tropics, 26 different airports in 25 days of journey. 55 hours of total flying and 3,400 litres of fuel consumed from South Africa to E more
Journey to Misratah

We leave Benghazi onboard a small ship heading west, few miles away from the Cirenaica coastline. After few hours we manage to land at Misratha harbour: despite the fact that the port has been heavily damaged by Gaddafi's tanks, we find a safe spot to anchor. It's already nightitme. We have been s more
Death costs 30 cents

The building near Kabul University was once the seat of the Soviet Cultural Centre. Today, half-destroyed by thirty years of bombings, it's the residence of nearly two thousand drug addicts, who live in the most appalling conditions. In this country it's easy to get caught in the drug spiral: a dose more
The last Kabul jew

His name is Zabolon Simantov. He lives in poverty in a two-roomed flat not far from Chicken Street, with its antiques shops. Every week he turns on the lights of the synagogue next door: its a ritual he wants to keep alive, even if in vain, because there are no more Jews in Kabul for whom to conduct more
Asmara - Return to Little Roma

Asmara is a seventy year's jump back in time. In the Italy of Odeon cinemas and beveled mirrors, of Tagliero garages and pensioners in colonial straw hats enjoying an ice-cream at the small tables of the bar Impero. The Italians transformed a small shepherds village at an altitude of 2347 meters int more
International photojournalism