International photojournalism

Milan on water

"I'm the Jack Sparrow of the canals. I can pass through the lock in via Torricelli with just three inches to spare. Do you want to see?". Roberto drives the Navigli Lombardi boat which carries tourists every day along the waterways. "The toponym, Milan, derives from mid-land, middle-earth, the same more
The Bangkok Attraction

In Bangkok prostitution it's a thriving industry. One estimate published in 2003 placed the sex trade in Thailand at US$ 4.3 billion per year or about three percent of the Thai economy and the number of sex workers from 80.000 to two million women and men. The people who benefit from their services, more
Democratic Republic of Congo
The Exorcist

Father Riccardo, a Saverian missionary, is 67. For the past 37 years he's lived in Congo and for the last 20 he's been carrying out a very special job: as an exorcist. Ever since that night, when the bishop of Bukavu, hit by a sudden and passing blindness, entered his mission to break the news that more
United States
Austin - Live music capital

Austin, Texas, is the capital of live music. Nowhere else a city has such a high number of live music clubs. And you realize it as soon as you land by plane: bands playing blues and country music in three different areas of the airport. In Austin live music is played in almost every bar: punk, folk, more
Feather-weight revolution

We entered into Havana's state boxing schools, veritable sanctuaries where its practically impossible to be admitted and where the secrets of a pure method of training are jealously guarded; training based on anger and the wish for revenge more than on technique. The gyms are in disrepair, with make more
Revolutionary Art
How artists stand up for freedom
Among the thousands of young people who crowded the Egyptian squares during the revolution in 2011 - demanding a radical change to the Egyptian regime - there were also many artists. Just like the other demonstrators, they were fed up with a political system which has been systematically erasing peo more
One year after the revolution

January 25th 2011 - January 25th 2012. It's been one year since the first demonstration in Tahrir square when, all of a sudden, a million people gathered around united in pursuing the dream of chasing Mubarak and his dictatorship away. Today, the same people met up again in the same square, not ever more
Pantanal, the sponge of America

The Pantanal is a tropical wetland and one of the world's largest wetland of any kind. Most of it lies within the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, but it extends into Mato Grosso sprawling over an area estimated at 200.000 square meters. The floodplains are submerged during the rainy seasons f more

Seven thousand islands, thousands of kilometres of coast, a pristine sea, highlands covered by a lush rainforest, the demographic diversity given by dozens of tribal groups, some of the jewels of the colonial architectural heritage spared by the WWII bombings and still scarcely known. The Philippine more
Till Death Do Us Part

The Philippines are the last country in the world where divorce is illegal: here, a marriage can be only undone by death. Moreover, the problem is worsened by domestic violence: according to statistics, 80 percent of Filipino women are abused by their husbands. Since many years, activist groups, and more
Sardinia - Shepherds' wrestling

In Barbagia, in the wild heart of Sardinia, survives an ancient millenary tradition. Its name is S'istrumpa, a sport which lies halfway between Sumo wrestling and a tribal rite of passage. In this harsh land which lives off sheep farming, where demonstrating one's physical strength and courage is st more
Swimming, Kamasutra style

It's strange enough for one person to throw himself into an icy river with a blow-up doll. For 600 to do the same thing is frankly worrying. Yet, this is what happens each year at the end of August in Lesovo, a rural village near Saint Petersburg. It's a competition called the Bubble Baba Challenge. more
The women of the revolution

Bothaina Kamel is a strong resourceful woman. A famous anchorwoman of the national television, she resigned as a sign of protest against the regime and for years she has been one of Mubarak's fiercest opponents. She now decided to test herself in an almost impossible task: becoming Egypt's first fem more
Cairo - Living with the dead

Founded in the 7th century A.D, the city of the Dead is the oldest, still functioning cemetery in the world. Today, as a result of the housing crisis and the famines of the past decades, over 500.000 people made their home here among the funerary shrines and in the small rooms built to host pilgrims more
Hunan: The Avatar Mountains

The national forest park of Zhangjiajie, a hard-to-pronounce place in the Chinese province of Hunan, was hardly known until the beginning of 2010, when director James Cameron declared in an interview that those landscapes inspired him for the idea of Pandora planet's floating peaks, in his blockbust more
Matteo Ricci: Chinese Connection

2012 was the 460th anniversary of the birth of father Matteo Ricci, a notable Jesuit and Italian priest, responsible for the diffusion of Catholicism in China. The places and monuments related to Ricci's 28-year stay in China are stunning, from Beijing's old Summer Palace, designed for the Qing Dina more
International photojournalism