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Kabul Female Soccer Club

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Afghanistan. Yet, as for any other discipline, until recently the country hasn't had neither the time nor the strenght to build up a generation of athletes: during the last three decades, the activity more intensely pursued - or endured - by the population more
The skate runner

Kabul, five in the afternoon. A group of children wait for "Mister Olly". When his van arrives, they greet him joyfully: their daily skateboard lesson is about to begin. Mister Olly, real name, Oliver Percovich, born in Australia and here in Afghanistan by chance, unloads a dozen skateboards which t more
NAK: Narcotics Anonymous Kabul

According to the Health Ministry, in Afghanistan there are at least 180,000 drug addicts. Until not long ago, nobody took care of them: left to their own devices, they awaited death on the streets. But today they are no longer doomed. For the first time in the country's history, Kabul has a disintox more
The Hurt Lockers

They are few, selected and extraordinarily well trained. They chose a life of risk, but, unlike the Oscar-winning movie's main character, do not feel like joking about death, which took away many of their colleagues. Their code name is IEDD, an acronym that stands for "improvised explosive device di more
Gorongosa, dot-com nature

Gorongosa, in central Mozambique, was one of the first nature reserves to be created in Africa. In the Sixties, the variety of its fauna was such, that the Portuguese called it the "place where Noah landed the ark". The civil war, fiercely fought right within its boundaries, wiped out the animals: t more
Saudi Arabia
The Oil Empire

Slight signs of change are beginning to be noticed in this traditionalist oil empire. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, the Saudi king who came to power in 2005, is attempting to open the Nation to outside, 'infidel' eyes. Aware of the fact that a wealth based solely on oil extraction will not last f more
Cartagena in love

A UNESCO World Heritage site and a popular location for those wanting to get married in South America, the city loved by Gabriel Garcia Márquez is a world apart. A fairytale, magical city, completely transformed compared to how it was a couple of years ago, when the political situation made travelli more
The Seaweed Hunters

In the Magellan Strait, one of the most treacherous seas on the planet, the fishermen's catch is a seaweed: it is called Gigartina skottsbergii, and from it an important ingredient for food and cosmetic products is extracted. But the Gigartina grows on the bottom rocks, so the Chilean predators out more
Zurkhaneh, the holy fight

The Zurkhaneh, a typically Iranian discipline, is a sport, but at the same time a dance, a public exhibition of physical fitness and a collective religious rite, born with the cult of Mitra and today revisited in favor of Shi'ite Islam. The performers follow their master, who plays a drum beating th more
My big, fat Mauritanian wedding

Mauritania is the only African country where the tradition of gavage (literally, gobbling) still exists. When they turn six, girls are forced by their mothers to eat and drink enormous amounts of food, often for the whole night. According to the Health Ministry, at least one woman in ten has suffere more
United States
Louisiana: BP oil

Barack Obama has called it "the worst environmental disaster of American history". In April, 2010, millions of barrels of oil have poured in the sea after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon ocean rig, off the coast of Louisiana. In the accident 11 people lost their lives while, for over 100 days more
Equatorial ground zero

Chronicle from one of the most depleted countries in Africa. Liberia was founded in 1847 by liberated American slaves, in a territory that the U.S. government had bought to get rid of them, and also to exploit the gold, iron, timber, rubber and diamonds of which the country is extremely rich. Today, more
International photojournalism