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Waltzing Matilda

Waltzing Matilda is a popular Australian song, a sort of second national anthem. It tells the story of a swagman who steals a sheep and, to escape from the police, drowns in a billabong, one of the many small isolated lakes in the Australian outback which are the remnants of a dry river. The Austral more
Vilnius - The Uzupis Republic

The Republic of Uzupis is one of a kind artistic enclave, with peculiar ideas and specific cultural projects. A proper Art Inkubator, as today is usually remarked. Until yesterday it was no more than a political paradox located in the heart of Vilnius. A brilliant idea, socially helpful, which tried more
Que Viva Harley!

According to an unofficial census, there are about a hundred Harley-Davidson's surviving in Cuba. From the day of the revolutionary triumph in 1959, they are prisoners on the island, left to their own devices and forced into a subsistence regime by the commercial embargo which doesn't allow the impo more
United States
An Italian teacher in the Bronx

Luca Avellini was once a broker in the City of London. Luxury journeys, cars and hotels were part of his daily routine. Then, one day he had a "Damascus Road conversion". He left his job and moved to New York to start a new life as a teacher in an elementary school in the Bronx, with 74% of Hispanic more
Kabul City Tour

In Afghanistan, the first tourists are returning before the peace, on the initiative of Great Game Travel, a travel agency founded by two courageous Americans. They have about a hundred clients a year, they are curious, willing to travel without comforts, someone demands to visit the caves of Tora B more
The seven thousand legs man

Since 1990, Alberto Cairo, an Italian, has been running the International Red Cross orthopaedic rehabilitation centre. A team of 320 people who produce seven thousand artificial limbs each year, who distribute them to just as many war invalids, teaching them how they should be used and thus, offerin more
Train of wishes

In 1897 the Italians began building the railway to connect the Red Sea city of Massawa with Asmara, located at an altitude of 2,400 m. To overcome the steep gradients, 20 viaducts, 65 bridges and 30 tunnels had to be built. In the Seventies, during the Eritrean-Ethiopian war, the railway was dismant more
The return of the dead

Dying is a serious matter in Madagascar. According to the complicated cosmogony of traditional Malagasy religion, monotheist but strongly focused on the ancestor cult, when a man dies, no matter how he led his life, he ascends to heaven and becomes a semi-god, a connection between the divine sphere more
Yanomami, forest aesthetes

These images gather some testimonies of the extraordinary sign culture which still rules the complex tribal society of the Yanomami Indians. Today the communities are semi-nomadic and frequently controlled and protected by missions and research institutes. They still have, however, an extreme appear more
The black Hollywood

In Nigeria, the cinema is an industry worthy of the highest respect, not least for the fact that it lies in fourth place in the economy of the world's eighth largest oil exporter. Some figures: about two thousand films produced each year, two hundred million DVDs sold in Africa, Europe and America, more
Herat, Journalistan

At Herat University, Afghanistan's second largest after Kabul's, the brand-new Faculty of Journalism was created in April, 2011, thanks to the effort of the Italian cooperation. Here are being born the professionals who soon will tell stories of the new Afghanistan to their fellow nationals. Actuall more
Italian Army in Afghanistan 2011

Italian troops in Afghanistan amount to almost four thousand. They are basically located in the western and south-western part of the country, and man strongholds such as Bala Murghab, the Zirko Valley and Bala Baluk, in the heart of Taliban land. They work hard to put into practice the new counteri more
Gaza - The Fuck generation

A few months ago a "Manifesto" was published on the web by a group of young people from Gaza. "Fuck Hamas - the Manifesto commenced -, fuck Israel, fuck Fatah, fuck the UN, fuck the UNWRA, fuck the USA! We, the youth of Gaza, are so fed up with Israel, Hamas, the occupation, the violations of human more
Welcome to Atlantis

Tuvalu: nine atolls, 26 square kilometres, 11,000 inhabitants. The fourth smallest state in the world, lost in the middle of the Pacific, almost on top of the date line. In 2050, according to the UN report on climatic change, it will have completely disappeared, engulfed by the ocean, whose level is more
Young traffic officers grow up

They stand at every crossroads in Benghazi. They look confident as they direct the traffic, give information to bystanders and invite Libyan drivers to obey the rules of the road. They are Mohamed and Ali, ten years old, Islam, 14, Ahmed, 15, and one hundred other baby-traffic officers. In times of more
Tibhirine Monastery

May, 1996. Near Medea (Algeria) the discovery of the severed heads of seven Trappist monks, kidnapped from the nearby monastery of Tibhirine by the GIA three months earlier. A massacre which is still shrouded in absolute mystery, notwithstanding the fact that the French government has recently decid more
International photojournalism