International photojournalism

Zurkhaneh, the holy fight

The Zurkhaneh, a typically Iranian discipline, is a sport, but at the same time a dance, a public exhibition of physical fitness and a collective religious rite, born with the cult of Mitra and today revisited in favor of Shi'ite Islam. The performers follow their master, who plays a drum beating th more
My big, fat Mauritanian wedding

Mauritania is the only African country where the tradition of gavage (literally, gobbling) still exists. When they turn six, girls are forced by their mothers to eat and drink enormous amounts of food, often for the whole night. According to the Health Ministry, at least one woman in ten has suffere more
United States
Louisiana: BP oil

Barack Obama has called it "the worst environmental disaster of American history". In April, 2010, millions of barrels of oil have poured in the sea after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon ocean rig, off the coast of Louisiana. In the accident 11 people lost their lives while, for over 100 days more
Equatorial ground zero

Chronicle from one of the most depleted countries in Africa. Liberia was founded in 1847 by liberated American slaves, in a territory that the U.S. government had bought to get rid of them, and also to exploit the gold, iron, timber, rubber and diamonds of which the country is extremely rich. Today, more
International photojournalism