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Jungle Fever

Those who live along the Napo river - a tributary of the Amazon river in Peruvian territory - pray for one thing: never to get sick. For the more than 50,000 persons who live in almost completely isolated communities along the 667-km-long Peruvian stretch of the river, even the simplest disease can more
Deck 4 - I have a dream

"Msc Splendida" is one of the many cruise ships sailing around the world these days. It can host more than 3,200 passengers and 1,300 crew members. And while cruises are a fast growing business and represents a very meaningful part of the holidays economy, very few of us know about what's happening more
United States
Crystal Meth Drug

Crystal Meth is a totally synthetic drug which comes in the form of white crystals. It can be sniffed, smoked in a glass pipe or injected. It is considered one of the strongest and most harmful drugs ever, as addiction comes right after the very first dose. Physical degradation sets in fast. The sub more
United Kingdom
Spirit Land

Right at feet of The Mount of Angels in the Pembrokeshire County, in Eastern Wales, there's a bunch of people living in a very special place called Tir Ysbrydol or the Spirit Land. The community today, about 10 people, is totally self-sufficient producing power from solar panels, a small scale wind more
North Korea
Maternity utopia
What becoming a mother means under an idealistic regime

In North Korea the child death rate is between 60 and 90 per thousand, ten times higher than in Europe. Hospital have no heating in the winter, when temperatures go below - 15 and no cooling in the summer, when is over 40 degrees. Windows and doors can hardly be closed. What is worst, there are no m more
Rome, The Great Beauty

The Academy Award-Oscar 2014 won by the Italian movie "The Great Beauty" put a spotlight on a number of not-so-known attractions in Rome. So much attention led the Municipality to create a new itinerary in the footsteps of Jep Gambardella, the main character of Paolo Sorrentino's feature film. A sec more
Voudou, the oldest world religion

Voudou, which literally means 'spirit', or even more literally 'unconscious sign', is an African religion with a strongly esoteric character. Modern Voudou is the derivation of one of the most ancient religions in the world, present in Africa since the dawn of human civilisation. Some historians bel more
Story of a former surfer girl

Two years ago, when she was 15, Shorouq was a happy student who used to surf just outside her house by the beach. Today Shorouq has turned 17 and has become a woman. She is married and pregnant. She has left school and her surfboard is hanging on the wall for good. This is a common destiny for Gaza more
Mare Nostrum

Lampedusa. Italy's southernmost point. An island barely larger than its airport, lost in the middle of the Mediterranean 120 miles north of the Libyan coast. A dream. Every year, thousands of desperate migrants set sail from the Northern African shores on board overloaded and precarious boats, and a more
United States
De Blasio's New York

On November 6th, 2013, "socialist" Bill de Blasio was elected Mayor of New York City. His program includes the financing of minimum wages and kindergartens by raising taxes for the richest citizens. Radical ideas which since some time encounter a fertile ground in the U.S. In a recent survey, when a more
Yalla C'mon!

Dj Waleed shouts "Yalla, c'mon...!!!" mixing Arabic and English. This is his battle cry ever since he started working in Tel Aviv clubs in the 1980s putting on Bob Marley and Michael Jackson songs. Today Waleed Abu Abdo, better known as Dj Waleed, who is almost 60, is still Gaza's most famous disk j more
Zahia's trip

Zahia is four years old girl affected by acute myeloid leukemia. Zahia Al-hawia lives in Gaza City in a three-storey house surrounded by the love and care of her parents and grandparents. She needs to go to Tel Aviv every two weeks for treatment at the Dana-Dwek Children's Hospital where she stayed more
Almost Gaza

They have been living for ten years next to a hell called Gaza. They are Israeli families living on the border. They can see their lights and hear the muezzin. The land beyond the wall is nevertheless hostile and occupied by "People who hate us - says Erez, an old Israeli man - and they want our des more
In hoc signo vinces

2013: proclaimed "the Year of Faith" by the Vatican, was also the 1700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan, better known as the edict of Constantine, which marks the beginning of freedom of worship for Christians throughout the Roman Empire. Tradition has it that Constantine converted to Christianis more
After the elections

Elections in Algeria recently confirmed for the fourth time Abdelaziz Bouteflika as president with more than 80 percent of the preferences. Now 77 and with serious health problems, Bouteflika is supported by the establishment of the FLN (National Liberation Front), which is in power since the end of more
Verdi is alive!

Giuseppe Verdi was born two hundred years ago on the 10th October 1813. He was the son of an innkeeper from the Parma region and became the most famous Italian music composer of all times. His masterpieces were an integral part of the unification of Italy. What has Verdi left behind? His native home more
International photojournalism