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Cook Islands
Tropical chic

15 islands scattered over an area of 2 millions square kilometers in the Pacific Ocean. Two groups of atolls separated by 1.200 kms of sea, half way between New Zealand and Hawai. Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Atiu, Mitiaro, Manihiki, are names evoking the quintessential of the Tropics. Voulcanic and coral i more
Escape to Mount Kenya

January 1943: three Italian war prisoners led by Felice Benuzzi from Trieste flee from the prison camp 354 of Nanyuki, on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Their aim is to climb the mysterious mountain that stands out beyond the barbed wire, that has become a mere object of desire, a symbol of freedom for more
Saint Pio, a ten-year-business

Ten years ago, in 2002, John Paul II declared saint a son of peasants called Francesco Forgione, better known as Padre Pio (Father Pius). He was a man so capable of fascinating the masses that he was already worshipped as a saint when he was still alive. Padre Pio, considered a thaumaturge attracted more
Kung-fu grandma

Some time ago, a myth started to spread among men living in Nairobi's slums: if you rape an elderly woman, you'll live a long life, be protected from bullets in a firefight, and become immune to Aids. As a consequence, the number of sexual assaults against women up to 80 years old (often carried out more
Great bourgeoisie awakening

"We've been sleeping over the past 30 year, now we are awake", a businessman says sitting in a room at the Nani Building, a skyscraper sponsored by the Saudi billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi. This building is also a symbol for a massive urban expansion that made Addis Ababa one of the most confusing - more
Libreville, a dirty African star

Libreville, the seventh most expensive city in the world, is hot, dusty and distressing. More than half of Gabon's population lives here, among shantytowns and open sewers, hoping for a brighter future that is not going to come. However Gabon, the country where the most amazing 'African miracle' has more
United States
Slab City

Since the housing bubble burst, nearly 4 million American homes have been taken from their owners. Slab City is a squatters' camp deep in the badlands of California's poorest county, where the road ends and the sun reigns, about 190 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The vast state-owned property gets more
The Strait for Unesco?
Calabria and Sicily joined by the Strait of Messina

For once we do not speak about the elusive bridge - mysterious and imaginary - which should link the two cities, but rather about the breaking idea of nominating the entire area between the main Southernmost regions of Italy, to the World Heritage Sites list of the Unesco. The official request will more
Baranzate multiethnics

A tiny, yet vibrating, melting pot in a small centre about 8 km northwest of Milan. Dozens of families, at least 70 different nationalities, live together peacefully in Baranzate, a commune of 11.000 inhabitants with the highest concentration - 26,5% costantly rising - of immigrants in Italy. This l more
Madam President, Nobel for Peace

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has been president of Liberia since January 2006 and, at 73, is the first woman in the history of Africa to be elected head of state. They call her the Iron Lady, the black Thatcher: without exaggeration. Sirleaf is a self-made woman, thanks to her tenacity and integrity. She w more
Happy 50th birthday

The independent state of Kenya turned 50 in 2013. Since 1963 Nairobi, the largest city in Eastern Africa with more than 4 million people, is the capital of a developed country growing at a fast rate, where wealth is concentrated in the hands of few millionaires. Nairobi is a mirror for the country: more
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hopping Into Tito's Bunker

It was October 1962 and the Cuban missile crisis was about to drag Europe into the nightmare of a global nuclear warfare. Although the Russians decided to dismantle all their atomic weaponry, the Cold War kept going on until the fall of the Communist regimes at the end of the 1980s and all the gover more
United Kingdom
Tomb Riders

In the United Kingdom, reverend Paul Sinclair, a Scottish-born ex Pentecostal minister, ex motorcycle stuntman, created a funeral entrerprise with no rivals in the world: a fleet of motorcycle hearses that guarantee the departed a last voyage definitely out of the ordinary. The idea was successful b more
Ulaanbaatar, the glam side

Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) looks like a chip of future popped out in the middle of an apparently frozen country in his distant past. All around, Mongolia is wholly made of steppes and deserts, inhabited by nomads who still live in "Ger" (traditional circular tents) and crossed by herds of yaks and hor more
Winter In Beijing

Lunar new year in Beijing, during the Spring Festival, among neighborhood fairs, frozen lakes and fried scorpion delicacies. Looking for the fascination of the Forbidden City and the ancient temples, under a sky as clear as it gets throughout the year. For those who love the bitter cold and the uniq more
The death supermarket

Dying has its own price, and it's shown on a price tag. This is the new frontier of consumerism: funerary consumerism with products, services, marketing communication and even special offers. Business, to cut a long story short. This is the core business of Tanexpo, the biennal fair of Bologna devot more
International photojournalism