2015 Turkey general elections

Turkey - Post election surprising results
Gezi Park movement brings into the Parliament the turkish "Podemos"
Photos: Bruno Zanzottera
Just 2 years after the rebellion of Gezi Park in Istanbul, the movement, which seemed to have dissolved in the air in few weeks, finds back its strenght and political reference converging into the HDP (the Democratic Party) which, coming out of his Kurdish ethnic component, has managed to involve most of the young people who participated in the protests, overcoming the 10% threshold to enter Turkish Parliament in last week's general election. The HDP that, in someways, may be compared to other spontaneuos European movements - like "Podemos"and "Siriza" - opens its doors to all the components of civil society and aims to realize the great utopia that permeated Gezi Park's soul.

"Everybody was there" - says Burhan Sonmez, the writer who was among the leaders of the protest - "nationalists, communists, anarchists, anti-capitalist Muslims, gays and lesbians. All set to protes against a system of savage capitalism and the increasing Islamization of Turkish society. Overcoming differences and divisions was the real driving force of the movement born in Gezi Park. It was almost a dream come true. But now the movement has become aware of its own strength and the election result shows it".
2015 Turkey general elections
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