algeria tibhirine

Algeria - Tibhirine Monastery
Photos: Bruno Zanzottera
May, 1996. Near Medea (Algeria) the discovery of the severed heads of seven Trappist monks, kidnapped from the nearby monastery of Tibhirine by the GIA three months earlier. A massacre which is still shrouded in absolute mystery, notwithstanding the fact that the French government has recently decided to declassify important documents. In spite of the weight of such a tragedy, the monastery still exists – the only one in a country like Algeria which is exclusively Muslim – thanks to the work of a French priest, Jean Marie Lassausse, who continues to toil the land with the help of the same people who worked with the monks. A sign of loyalty to that place and that which it symbolises: the possibility of contact and dialogue with the Muslim world, which occurs via simple, everyday gestures, such as work and prayer.
algeria tibhirine
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