Austria Magdas hotel immigrants management

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Immigrants manage a cosy hotel in Vienna
Photos: Simone Cerio
Magdas hotel is a social project for integration deployed by Caritas Vienna, which invested 1,5 million EUR to turn an old building located around Prater (the famous luna park of the Austrian capital) into a hotel. Most of the workers of Magdas hotel are immigrants. Some of them are political refugees. Other workers have legalized their position over the years (some were refused as asylum seekers), after a rather long bureaucratic process and several experiences in the grey economy.

Although the country has one of the highest percentage in Europe in terms of foreign residents, getting access to labour market and earn fair salaries is not easy at all. This is the reason behind the initiative carried out by Caritas Vienna, which aims at giving migrants a better chance to work and integrate themselves in Austria's society.

Magdas hotel was inaugurated early this year. Before this, a crowdfunding campaign had been launched to support the project and attract the attention of people of Vienna. Making Magdas something more than a mere structure for tourists is a goal that Caritas Vienna and the management of the hotel are pursuing strongly. They want to make people feel involved in this project. Thus, a wide range of initiatives have been deployed so far, like cooking workshops and happenings. Yet the most important one is the cooperation with the Vienna Biennale, where some of the design objects of the Madgas hotel are currently displayed, under the motto "social challenge and economic business".

Visitors, young designers and whoever visit Vienna Biennale can become interested in Magdas hotel, visit it, being involved in some activities or simply spread the sense of the integration project. 14 nationalities are currently represented in Magdas hotel. 24 different languages are spoken.
Austria Magdas hotel immigrants management
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