Gaza DJ Waleed

Palestine - Yalla C'mon!
Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi
Dj Waleed shouts "Yalla, c'mon...!!!" mixing Arabic and English. This is his battle cry ever since he started working in Tel Aviv clubs in the 1980s putting on Bob Marley and Michael Jackson songs. Today Waleed Abu Abdo, better known as Dj Waleed, who is almost 60, is still Gaza's most famous disk jockey. He is still very busy and in his small store he has taught the art of selecting music to all the djs of the Gaza Strip, including his children who are slowly picking up the torch, except for his daughter. This is strictly a male profession which is why he has not encouraged her to become a dj: "I am an old communist - he says - "Hamas knows that I have never voted for their party. Unfortunately Gaza has changed a lot and it is not the same as thirty years ago when women could wear bikinis on the beach and you could easily get alcohol in night clubs - he regrets.
Gaza DJ Waleed
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