Giuseppe verdi bicentennial pictures images

Italy - Verdi is alive!
Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi
Giuseppe Verdi was born two hundred years ago on the 10th October 1813. He was the son of an innkeeper from the Parma region and became the most famous Italian music composer of all times. His masterpieces were an integral part of the unification of Italy. What has Verdi left behind? His native home is in Roncole di Busseto, his villa where he spent most of his life in Sant’Agata including the land where he loved farming. His operas staged in the best world’s theatres are his true legacy. Today schools, theatres, hospitals and conservatories are named after Verdi, including the Conservatory in Milan where the eighteen-year-old Verdi was rejected as a student. The nursing home, hosting musicians and opera singers, founded by Verdi is also named after him. One of the singers hosted there is Lina Vasta who is the voice teacher of a young soprano and flies to Japan to sing the Traviata.
Giuseppe verdi bicentennial pictures images
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