Iraq, the Mosul offensive

Iraq - The last battle
On the front line and inside the villages freed from Daesh in the Mosul offensive
Photos: Mauro Consilvio
The final battle to retake Mosul from the Islamic State, after two years of terror, has started on October 16th. Peshmerga forces from Kurdistan and the Iraqi army have an enemy in common for the first time, and they started the approach to Mosul from the East side.

For the Kurdish army the main battle is in the Bashiqa Mountain sector, less than 10 km from Mosul, between the villages of Bashiqa and Naweran. After days of fighting against Daesh's last resistance, which used snipers, car bombs and Ied's, the Peshmerga now largely control the area and are pushing the front line forward day by day.

At the same time, the Iraqi army and the Npu (Niniveh Protection Units) took the Christian cities of Qaraqosh (Baghdeda), Karemlesh and Bartalla, which were completely destroyed by Daesh. Thousands of civilian people have lost everything and continue to flee to the Kahzer refugee camp, where they wait for the end of the confrontation.
Iraq, the Mosul offensive
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