Italy campania castevolturno

Italy - Campania d'Africa
Photos: Francesco Alesi
Castel Volturno is a city of 25,000 inhabitants 40kms north of Naples. It is a unique town: it has the highest percentage of Africans in Europe. According to official statistics, 10 per cent of its population comes from Africa. But according to the Caritas Centre at least 10,000 (or even 15,000) Africans live in the city. Mostly young, male, poor and paperless sub-Saharians, who live in the degraded suburbs of the town. They usually wake up at 4,30 am to get the first bus to the roundabouts of Naples where they might get a job for 25 euros a day. For the Italian Government “they are just illegal to be repatriated”, while best-selling Italian writer Roberto Saviano defines them as “an asset for Italy.” In 2008 the South African singer Miriam Makeba died in Castel Volturno after her last concert. “She died in Africa,” commented her relatives.
Italy campania castevolturno
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