Italy victims terrorist attacks

Italy - For the children's sake
Photos: Marika Puicher
Italy is the democratic country with the highest number of civilian victims in a war which has never been declared. During the period going from the Second World War to the early 90s Italy was hit by a series of bloody terrorist attacks against workers, trade unionists, politicians, magistrates, journalists and above all civilians of all ages and social status, who were either targeted on purpose or by accident. Although these bloodsheds, which have deeply affected the country's democratic foundation, were carried out by various terrorist organizations - first rightwing, then leftwing, then rightwing again and mafioso more recently - they were often covered up or supported by political institutions which ended up reinforcing a strategy aimed at undermining the basis and development of the Italian democracy through political choices creating a system of power and alliances. Instigators and killers have never been punished In most of these cases despite the efforts of several associations of victims' families who have been fighting for years to have “justice and truth”. Moreover, the complex definition of a legal truth over these bloodsheds that have affected post-war Italy is combined with a dramatic cultural and information gap regarding large groups of the Italian population, particularly young people.

“For the children's sake” aims to make society aware on the most controversial period of Italian history through the victims' families and the places where the bloodsheds took place. The focus is on the importance of memory throughout generations and the role of the young generation in particular (the victims' children and grand children) as privileged witnesses of events that should be shared by the whole of Italian society.
Italy victims terrorist attacks
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