Libya young officers

Libya - Young traffic officers grow up
Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi
They stand at every crossroads in Benghazi. They look confident as they direct the traffic, give information to bystanders and invite Libyan drivers to obey the rules of the road. They are Mohamed and Ali, ten years old, Islam, 14, Ahmed, 15, and one hundred other baby-traffic officers. In times of war and in default of a proper police force, they help the few remaining adult policemen to direct the traffic in the city. They work in straitened circumstances and not all of them wear a uniform, but their presence amuses drivers and it’s food for thought. “This is our aim” Massoud Hazi, 51 years old, explains. A mathematician, Hazi has been living on a wheelchair since he was wounded in a car accident in 1982. “I created the young traffic officers force in order to sensitize the public awareness of the importance of safe driving. We had a great response, so we could teach many young people the rules of the road. And now that we are in wartime they are proving themselves very useful”.
Libya young officers
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