Palestine gaza strip israeli colonies

Israel - Almost Gaza
Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi
They have been living for ten years next to a hell called Gaza. They are Israeli families living on the border. They can see their lights and hear the muezzin. The land beyond the wall is nevertheless hostile and occupied by "People who hate us - says Erez, an old Israeli man - and they want our destruction". In 2012 Gaza launched 2256 rockets against Sderot, Ashkelon, and against kibbutz of Nir Am, Dorot, Netiv HaAsara. That's why most houses have armoured rooms, sirens go off as soon there is an alert and even bus stops are built in reinforced concrete. To these days thirteen civilians have died. However they are not interested in the high number of victims (Israeli raids have killed many more people): their aim is to spread terror on daily basis.
Palestine gaza strip israeli colonies
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