Palestine Gaza surfer girl

Palestine - Story of a former surfer girl
Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi
Two years ago, when she was 15, Shorouq was a happy student who used to surf just outside her house by the beach. Today Shorouq has turned 17 and has become a woman. She is married and pregnant. She has left school and her surfboard is hanging on the wall for good. This is a common destiny for Gaza girls coming from poor families who cannot afford to go to the university. One day the mother of Taha, a 25 years old man, saw Shorouq at a wedding party. She liked her, asked her parents if Taha could marry her and Shorouq's father accepted. They were engaged for three months and they got married right after. Shorouq's life changed forever. “Sometimes I feel very sad” she admits, “now I live alone in a big apartment and I often think about my sister Sabah, about surfing, about all the things that I cannot do anymore. But then I think that I will become a mother and start a new life…”.
Palestine Gaza surfer girl
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