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Peru - Journey to the Amazon's Timbuktu
Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi
When the sun shines, the Delfin's hull merges with the olive-coloured waters of the Amazon River. As the boat sails through this corner of Peru, you lose count of the tributaries and the long canoes on their way to Iquitos, the "Timbuktu of the Western Amazon". A labyrinth of rain forests which the diplomats in Lima used to call “endless dark zones” and the Peruvians, more simply, La Selva. Half of Peru is forest and there isn't any other way to enter it, if not by water or air. This is why three percent of Peruvians (nearly a million people, natives for the most part) live in this region, which is nearly double the size of Italy. And before the airport was opened, the easiest way to get to Iquitos was to sail down the Amazon River from the Atlantic. “Iquitos is an island” they tell me “because it floats on the Amazon's green sea”.
peru amazonas iquitos navigation
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