salvador surfing

El Salvador - Surfing paradise
Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi
It's a surfer's paradise in Central America and offers some of the best breaks in the world. El Tunco, Palmarcito and El Zonte are beaches well known to anyone who loves riding the waves, locations revered not only by Salvadorians, but also by Europeans and Americans who follow the coast down from the capital, San Salvador. To surf, to have fun and follow a bohemian lifestyle which still exists here. With little money, between beach bars and parties held to the rhythm of cumbia and reggaeton, hostels available for a few dollars and getting up at ungodly hours to catch the best waves. Here, in La Libertad, everything revolves around surfing, from those who repair surfboards to those who offer paying lessons, from the champion who exploits his image to the worker who surfs in the early morning before going to work. For pure passion.
salvador surfing
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