Sierra Leone radio ebola

Sierra Leone - Radio Ebola
Fighting Ebola on the radio.
Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi
The radio reaches everyone, in Sierra Leone, even in rural areas. It's cheap and many people listen to it even on their mobile phones. That's why there is a programme on air in krio language called "Dreb Ebola", literally: kick Ebola. Dreb Ebola's message is clear: the virus didn't disappear, and if some rules are not respected it may come back stronger than before.

Dreb Ebola's tips, sponsored by the UN and broadcasted by about forty local radio stations, are easy to understand: do not wash corpses, do not use other people's kitchen tools and cutlery, do not eat monkey or bat meat, see immediately a doctor in case of fever or vomit.

In Makeni, the district where Ebola did more victims, there are two radio stations in the front line against the virus: Radio Maria, sponsored by the Xaverian missionaries, and Amzas Radio, born when Ebola's epidemic was reaching its peak. Amzas is a privately owned radio, with only young people in the staff and a 25 year old manager, Amadou A. Kamara. He remembers that "during the months when schools were closed, the radio was key to reach the youngster with the lessons. Now, we don't have to let down our guard: you just can’t trust Ebola".
Sierra Leone radio ebola
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