Spain Madrid transsexual kid

Spain - Ella
A kid craves the other sex, and gets it. On himself
Photos: Marika Puicher
Eli is 11, lives in Madrid, Spain, with her family and she is one of the youngest transsexuals in the world. When he turned two, and his name was still Fernando, his parents noticed that their son was feeling like a girl, and that his biological sex seemed to be in contrast with his psychological one. Since early childhood, Fernando loved female games and clothes, which he stole from his cousin's wardrobe. At the age of three his cousin gave him his first doll, called "guapa roja" (red beauty), together with a pink princess dress which Fernando used to wear as soon as he walked into the house.

At first the parents were confused by their son's attitudes, and were also accused by some friends, and by the psychologist they had contacted, of being unable to cope with the situation. Allegations were quite serious and often referred to an ineptitude to educate the kid and correct his behavior. After some time and many long conversations with Fernando, the couple eventually realized that the most important thing was to allow him to be what he wanted to be, despite the comments of people around them. At nine, Fernando became Eli, the name changed on all documents. At 11, she started taking a testosterone-suppressing medicine. Eventually she will undergo surgery.

In Madrid there are now two associations, founded by the parents of transsexual underage children, fighting for the rights of these kids in order to guarantee their freedom to grow up as serenely as possible.
Spain Madrid transsexual kid
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