Turkey 2015 elections

Turkey - Single party rule
Erdogan's election gamble pays off
Photos: Bruno Zanzottera
Only five months has gone past since last elections in which Erdogan's party failed for the first time to obtain the parliamentary majority. The HDP infact (Halklar?n Demokratik Partisi - People's Democratic Party), the Kurdish inspired party - was able to brake the 10% electoral threshold entering the Parliament in June 2015. Since then many things have changed and the war against the Kurds - promoted by the President, who led the country on the verge of a civil war with hundreds of victims, including the massacres of Suruc and Ankara - has paid off. Erdogan succeeded in his attempt to scare Turkish people capturing also the votes of nationalists being able to won back a clear majority. The HDP, which in June had gathered the vote of the young people of Gezi Park and the Kurds, despite a terrorist campaign against it and the attempt to put it outlaw, still managed to win 59 seats, denying the 'sultan' the number of deputies required to change the Constitution.

But beyond President Erdogan's personal triumph, the question now is whether a Turkey riven by division, and with the ethno-sectarian strife of Syria and Iraq spilling over its borders, is governable.
Turkey 2015 elections
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