Turkey Kurdistan Hasankeyf

Turkey - Don't Kill Hasankeyf
Will water flood everything?
Photos: Bruno Zanzottera
Despite the withdrawal of some European banks who were financing the project and the declaration of illegality made by the Administrative Court of Ankara for the lack of any environmental impact assessment, Ilisu Dam's construction site, in Turkish Kurdistan, is still going on.

The area is now militarized: local workers have been replaced with others coming from different Turkish regions and the atmosphere around the site is quite tense.

The completion of the Ilisu Dam is expected to create an artificial basin submerging 30,000 hectares of land, including many villages and, overall, the thousand years old city of Hasankayef, a place rich with important, impressive archeological sites.

The Turkish government is boycotting the economy of Hasankayef from years to make things "easier" for the project forcing people to leave. They closed the archeological sites, which can't be visited anymore. This was enough to destroy the city economy, now counting just 3,000 residents: they were more than 10,000 just ten years ago. The Government also refused to candidate Hasankayef as UNESCO's World Heritage Site. As the city really qualifies, it's clear Ankara's will to "kill" it to obtain its goal.
Turkey Kurdistan Hasankeyf
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